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Sonic Frontiers teases an open-zone redemption for the franchises 3D legacy

HomeGBA RomsSonic Frontiers teases an open-zone redemption for the franchises 3D legacy
Sonic Frontiers teases an open-zone redemption for the franchises 3D legacy
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The scrappy blue protagonist looks up at his enemy and raises a fist before the trailer fades to black ahead of the final Sega logo. The “Sonic Frontiers” reveal trailer from the Game Awards opens with tense music as Sonic runs through the forest. The camera zooms out to reveal a giant forest being torn up by aircrafts that are right on Sonic’s tail. As an off-camera voice calls Sonic “over here,” the speedy hedgehog narrowly dodges a vivid pink explosion. Somersaulting to safety, Sonic catches his breath at the edge of a cliffside, as if to imply a near-literal cliffhanger. Set to be developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega, “Sonic Frontiers” is expanding on the powerhouse team by leaning on beloved “Sonic” comic writer Ian Flynn to spearhead the story.

The main element of the game is the exploration of the levels and their vast areas, but there are also platform challenges, fights with enemies and puzzles. Several large 3D playgrounds are present, taking place across multiple islands. In addition, new gimmicks will gradually populate the areas as the power unlocks new ones.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood – Nintendo DS (

My favorite Sonic game is the fighting spin-off Sonic Battle for the GBA. I find it interesting that xbox 360 marketplace is the only place on console you can still buy sonic 3. Gavin loves a bit of couch co-op, especially when he gets to delegate roles, bark instructions and give much-appreciated performance feedback at the end. He lives in Spain (the plain-y bit where the rain mainly falls) and his love for Banjo-Kazooie sonic games borders on the unhealthy. I’m not as nostalgic about this game as I am the second one, but playing one after another highlights Sonic 3 & Knuckles’ superiority. Choosing Knuckles offers a significantly different experience to doing so as Sonic or Tails too, encouraging multiple play-throughs.

  • Even with all the frustration built up by the game’s technical problems, I found myself unable to truly dislike Frontiers.
  • Since its release on the GameCube, Resident Evil 4 has landed on a multitude of different consoles.
  • The entire soundtrack is very catchy and perfectly complements the gameplay in each zone.

The ending was baffling as well, but I won’t spoil that here. Gaming aficionado Rebecca Spear is iMore’s dedicated gaming editor with a focus on Nintendo Switch and iOS gaming. You’ll never catch her without her Switch or her iPad Air handy. If you’ve got a question about Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, or just about any other Nintendo series check out her guides to help you out. Rebecca has written thousands of articles in the last six years including hundreds of extensive gaming guides, previews, and reviews for both Switch and Apple Arcade.


There is still a lot of work to be done and until some gameplay footage is shown, everything is just a guessing game at this point. Other characters making an appearance isn’t even concrete, but it has become a tradition at this point. At the very least, Tails and Knuckles could show up to lend a helping hand. Sonic Frontiers is scheduled to be released during the holiday season of 2022 for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team Official Trailer 1

He risks his life for the entrapped wildlife , and instead of sticking around to receive glory, he’s off to save another life. As you can see from the list, most of the games are sequels or connected to the original games, which makes them connected. Other ones that were released separately, like the ones on Nintendo consoles, are separated – however, they are considered alternate universe games. Originally released only for Nintendo platforms, Sonic Lost World was ported to Microsoft Windows as well. Sonic needs to stop Deadly Six from destroying the world, and the game only improved the fluidity of the gameplay but was criticized over controls and enemies. We all know about the 2D and 3D era games that were exclusively released for gaming platforms like SEGA, PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, and more.


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